Ashiatsu Artist

Did you ever walk into a place of business and see the proprietor’s heart and soul throughout the shop? Carefully placed product, meticulously crafted display and the human touch that cries out, “I care about you!”

Yes, you’ll see this in the spa-like atmosphere at Barefoot Massage of New Tampa. But far more importantly you’ll feel it in SaRee’s therapeutic

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“I feel like a human again”

SaRee was a godsend when I hurt my back last May. I was so stiff and sore it was hard to even move, but one session with SaRee and I was on my feet again. I saw her for about a month to supplement the physical therapy I was going through. In the days following a massage I would begin

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Plantar Fasciitis 90% better with one treatment

I am so grateful I found Saree. I was struggling with plantar fasciitis and tightness in my leg muscles from running. I was shocked that after my first visit the plantar fasciitis was 90% gone. She is so intuitive, skilled and caring I see her regularly just to keep things in balance. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

Michele S.

Excellent Massages

I met SaRee several months ago while pursuing a solution to lymphedema of the arm that I developed after breast cancer treatment 10 years ago. SaRee worked with me in utilizing a combination of cold laser therapy, Lypossage, and therapeutic massage to greatly improve the condition. She has an excellent understanding of the body, it’s connections, and how one part

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