SaRee Purcell, LMT


At the age of 16 SaRee discovered the undeniable fulfillment of caring for others, as a nurse’s assistant on a terminal wing of a local nursing home.

“I knew then that whatever I was going to do with my life had to
involve caring for others.”

One snowy Minnesota night fate handed SaRee a head on collision. In search of relief from the chronic pain that resulted, she tried everything from Medicine to Reike. Massage provided the most miraculous relief. “I knew then that massage was how I wanted to help people.” Experiencing first hand injury and chronic pain, SaRee, could really feel what others were going through and knew how to assist them in healing.

Since graduating Sister Rosalind’s School of Professional Massage, St.Paul Minnesota in 1997 SaRee has spent the past 26 years attuning herself to the varying needs of many different types of clientele. She started a fulfilling and thriving practice in Minnesota. She has practiced massage in conjunction with chiropractors, worked in fitness clubs, and Spas. Like the renowned Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami. Where she provided massage, wrote procedural protocols, and trained other therapists in specialized techniques. Additionally SaRee has taught at her graduating school, at local childbirth classes, and even at local hospitals training maternity ward staff in the art of being a massage Doula. She has had the privilege of working with professional athletes, improving their game; with victims of auto accidents, work injuries, repetitive use injuries, and other accident related physical traumas. Each massage with SaRee combines a collection of varying techniques from Ashiatsu barefoot massage, Sports, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stones, Bamboo, Thai, and of course Swedish. Each individual client is treated based on their needs, goals and concerns. SaRee is masterful at discovering the root cause of a problem and assisting true healing.

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