“I feel like a human again”

SaRee was a godsend when I hurt my back last May. I was so stiff and sore it was hard to even move, but one session with SaRee and I was on my feet again. I saw her for about a month to supplement the physical therapy I was going through. In the days following a massage I would begin to tighten and lock up again, but she would always pull me out of that. I would often say to her, “I feel like a human again” after a session, instead of a bundle of pain.

SaRee is quite a natural at finding out what the source of the problem is and how to address it. She told me on my first massage where the back pain was coming from (it wasn’t the back) and sure enough several months later the doctors confirmed it.

I recommend SaRee without hesitation. I have heard from more than one person that she is the best in the area.


Steven C.