Ashiatsu Artist

Did you ever walk into a place of business and see the proprietor’s heart and soul throughout the shop? Carefully placed product, meticulously crafted display and the human touch that cries out, “I care about you!”

Yes, you’ll see this in the spa-like atmosphere at Barefoot Massage of New Tampa. But far more importantly you’ll feel it in SaRee’s therapeutic massage. Some therapists, with their robotic strokes, leave you feeling like their work is a job. During your session with SaRee however, you’ll feel: “I care about you!”

I have fybromyalgia and have found Ashiatsu to be good therapy. So you can imagine my good fortune when I discovered that SaRee is an Ashiatsu artist.

If you’re an athlete, have an active lifestyle and or in need of therapeutic massage, give SaRee a try. At the very least you’ll walk out that day knowing at least one other human being cares about you.

Dave Rothacker