Good vibes and intentions

Being a massage therapist myself, I have had many massages and I have been seeking someone who not only knows the proper skills (like finishing deeper strokes toward the heart which I cannot tell you how many licensed therapists I have been to that don’t do this vital movement and would not return to them ) and looking for someone who has good vibes and intentions. I have been to a neuromuscular therapist that I was paying $140 for one session and he literally answered his phone and was talking on the phone while massaging me with one hand! SaRee gives her full attention and has such a big heart and spirit providing the best intentions which gives the best results. SaRee is very skilled in her touch especially with her feet. She also uses hot stones, vibrational sounds, and tools. All of this together makes this the best massage I have ever had and again I have had many and know the importance of great skills and intention. I am so glad I found SaRee and highly recommend her!
Janie Ambrose-LMT and Dr. of Metaphysics